Poor work-life balance? Plan intimate long weekend tours with your family!


What are your plans for this weekend?

Getting done some essential pending paperwork?

Going for some grocery shopping? doing the laundry? or just mowing the lawn of your garden?

If you have to perform these tasks despite being not emotionally prepared at all,  then you probably need a break & should go for a long weekend tour.



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Various study reports revealed that a long weekend adventure is pretty helpful for everyone. It moderately improves your health and well-being. It’s the time to have fun, get relaxed and recharge yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, before returning to normal routine.

If you need more convincing how long weekend trips can improve your work-life balance, we would humbly request you to keep reading the whole article patiently.


What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is a concept to prioritizing between “work”  (i.e, job, career, ambition) and “lifestyle” (leisure, family, physical & emotional development).

“Work” and “Life” are both equally essential to every human being. Work plays a significant role in our life while earning ensures the food on the table & keeps the lights ON.

Therefore balancing “Work” and “Life” is very important for maintaining sound health, as well as family relationships.

Life is indispensable to supply the resources to get all work done smoothly, and on the other hand, work provides resources to maintain a healthy and smooth life, isn’t it?


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Mental health is gravely affected by private pressure and stress of working. Psychoanalysts diagnose the deterioration of the mental health, as the key factor behind all evil acts in society.


Early signs of poor work-life balance:

Eminent Psychologists across the globe have detailed some early signs which show that a person is being a victim of massive stress at the workplace and seriously failing to sustain the proper work-life balance.

  1. Feeling lack of energy for household works like cooking, going to the gym or spending time with family.
  2. Loss of sleep over some issues at the workplace.
  3. Feeling liberated as the weekend rolls around and afraid of Monday.
  4. Explain job with a one-word response like “Fine”.
  5. Lost interest in spending quality time with colleagues.
  6. Very often losing temper.
  7. Fantasizing about quitting the job & afraid of new job search.
  8. Forgetting the last achievement at work.
  9. Frequently accusing your partner or co-worker.

A stressed family life may generate atychiphobia within you. Take this atychiphobia test to know whether you have fear of failure.


How poor work-life balance can affect your well-being?

A poor work-life balance affects your well-being and can lead to some serious health issues like Hypertension, stroke and respiratory problems. So, just ignore all your excuses and grant yourself a long weekend trip, leaving behind the job,  that is sucking the life out of you, for a while.

Look, we are not robots, we can not bear the pressure of working all day long. Making withdrawals and getting nothing deposited in return, eventually, makes our life ATM empty.


In various scientific journals, the term “work recovery” often describes the basic law of effort: quality output is directly proportional to the quality input. And one of the best ways to recuperate this lost energy is to getaway for a long_weekend_tourslong weekend trip. So, take time to relax, keep distance between the duties and responsibilities which siphon away your energy, while you are on a getaway.


In today’s unpredictable and fast-paced world, it’s really difficult to manage a proper work-life balance. As we are getting increasingly connected to the social media through the latest technology enabled smart phones, laptops, and other devices, it is becoming more and more challenging for us to separate work from our personal lives. Longer working hours and less time spent at home are constantly struggling with each other to establish the work-life balance.

Plan long weekend tours to Bring back the quality in performance:

You know, sometimes I find ourselves as nothing but energy machines, hope you too. You dole out all the energy stored in your body and brain, to carry out various duties over the course of your day-to-day hectic life. Thus fatigue develops & you get stressed as well as exhausted. Eventually, your productivity and normal life get hampered seriously which makes you demoralized.



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When you are stressed due to over work, when you have to take calls even at the dinner table, when you have to work from your laptops even on weekends, unknowingly you just run the risk of jeopardizing your social life, your physical and mental health.

At this point, a long weekend trip, a proven stress buster, can magically replenish your body and soul, can rejuvenate you physically, mentally and of course emotionally also. When you return to work, you would be able to work harder with fewer mistakes.

You may be a member of a huge family or a nuclear one, quality time with your family is the best gift to them. Even if you are a single parent or a bachelor, a relaxed long weekend tour will surely enhance your work-life balance.


Tips for memorable long weekend tours:

Weekend escapes are always awesome to get some rest and relaxation, you know. But, it magically turns into a real vacation if another 2-3 days are added up to it. During this long weekend jaunt, you can enjoy a nature walk in the misty morning, sightseeing, and outdoor pursuits before you return home.

You need not go far away from home to find an ideal spot. Just follow your interests to enjoy yourself wherever you go, whether wandering the woods or exploring city streets. So, just choose a marvelous spot around you, top up the fuel tank and get ready to hit the road to enjoy an unforgettable weekend getaway.

Here are some important tips to enjoy your long weekend trips:


  1. Plan your weekend trip well in advance to get the reservation & accommodation confirmed before you commence your journey.
  2. Wherever you go for a getaway, rooming nearby the must-see events or locations will support you to stay in spirit.
  3.  Try to minimize your belongings as much as you can to keep your suitcase light. Light luggage means getting less stress to carry them around.
  4. Keep eating some healthy foods (like salad or fruits) every couple of hours to boost up your energy level so that you may enjoy all the activities at the fullest.
  5. Make sure to leave your laptop and mobile phone at home to get a fresh breath from office calls and emails, during these days.
  6. Long Weekend escape renders you a perfect opportunity to share quality time along with your good friends or loved ones, and their good company yields the feeling of joy to anything you do. So, whenever you go for an outing, always try to get some people you like most along with you.
  7. Don’t try to visit many places during this long weekend trip.  Rather, we suggest you delve into fewer places during your stay so that you can have enough rest to rejuvenate your body and soul.
  8. Shoot a lot of photos while on traveling, because great photos have breakthrough potential to ultimately make your trip memorable for ever.


A win over serious health problems:

A study on more than 10,000 workers was conducted by University College London, which eventually revealed that who worked three or more hours longer than required, had 60% higher risk of heart problems, compared to those who didn’t work on over time.

If a room full of people, from all corners of society, are asked that who would like to go for a long weekend trip after managing the hustle and bustle of the daily routine for a long time, every hand would surely shoot up.

Such trips not only boost up your well-being, but also helps to relieve your stress, and avidly reduce the depression, which is one of the vital cause of heart attack these days.




Time to think promotes creativity:

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life, where he/she just needs to take a break from creating, building, growing or learning. But, the problem is, most of the time, they site excuses for not to take a break. It severely deteriorates productivity and ultimately performance too.

Getting away from your busy schedule, for a long weekend trip, bestows you with enough mental space required for creativity, as well as clearer decision making. It frees up your body and mind, turning your brain relaxed and refreshed.

While away, you are not dictated by your morning alarm clock, clients or deadlines to meet. You can do what you truly want to do and you are in full control of your own clock.

It will refresh you up from inside and will open your eyes towards a new perspective. That’s exactly what you need to breathe life into an old business or to brainstorm a new project idea.


Revive that missing spark in life once again:

Did you ever listen to your gut?

Do you know what you truly want from life?

Do you know what is your next step?

Unfortunately, many of us poorly lack to answer this basic questionnaire.



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Listening to the same people, going through the same blogs, using same high tech AR apps, hearing the same podcasts often put us in an endless route. The stresses of life and pressure of work, keep sucking the work-life balance. These harmful parameters gradually influence our mindsets and thought process.

So, it’s important to explore a safe place to tune out all these noises and ultimately get back to knowing your gut. Change catalyzes better perspective and opens new opportunities.

A weekend trip fairly allows a break from your daily business and eventually curates to revive the missing spark in your life once again.



Don’t think too much of any problem. Take a break from your business, getaway for a long weekend trip or go for a long drive. Just take time off for yourself, enjoy hiking, swimming or fishing. Private companies invented the concept of vacation as a productivity tool, in the last few decades.

Fatigue studies conducted by them, clearly revealed that employees rendered better performance with fewer mistakes, after a respite. And their reaction time also moderately improved.


Can’t convince you anymore. See you on your next long weekend tour.



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