Single Father Surrogacy | Unnatural responsibility or Unblended Love?

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Over the years surrogacy has become more acceptable in most societies. However, Single Father Surrogacy has recently gained popularity in some countries. This has made men who want to have children and lack a female spouse have them and pass on their genes.

Is it a social buzz, a new way of accepting responsibility, a backup plan or an unshared love?


What is Single Father Surrogacy?

No, It’s not as complex as Genetic Modulation. This where a male’s sperm is taken and fertilized with a donor egg passing down the genetic traits from the male to the newborn. This way they are able to achieve biological parenthood.

Some people might wonder why an individual would settle for single father surrogacy. Well, there are various explanations to this; some men are running late on their biological clock and have not found a good woman to settle down with, some men are in the same sex marriage and some are just not ready to have a woman in their lives.

Those unfamiliar with single father surrogacy might argue that it is a selfish move and a child must be raised by both parents to be able to live a normal life. However, this is not entirely true as these dads have a myriad of reasons for choosing a surrogate carry their child.

The decision to be a single father, however, needs a lot of physical and mental preparedness. It is indeed rigorous and overwhelming unlike how most people perceive it. The pressure from the society is actually more or less the same as other heterosexual couple intending to give birth.

There are so many controversies on whether or not the children will be brought up in a good family setup or will be somehow dysfunctional.

Why single father surrogacy?


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Well, there have been a myriad of reasons as to why men are nowadays opting for the single father surrogacy

  • It is true that men are also  running late on their biological clock and need children of their own, hence opting for this method
  • Most men interviewed say that they have not yet found a woman of their dreams and want to start a family already or those they find are not interested in having children at that particular time.
  • The acceptance of homosexual relationships has made men in the same sex marriage have children easily
  • The urge to pass down their genetics to their offspring has greatly been accomplished by surrogacy
  • Men who suffer infertility are still able to have a family via surrogacy

Single Parent surrogacy Laws

In the United States, Surrogacy laws for single parents are almost similar to the couple one. However, there might be variations here and there depending upon the state. Additionally, single parent surrogacy is indeed a new family building method and some of these laws might pass off as irrelevant.

It is therefore important to check out with your attorney if you are planning on being a single father through surrogacy. Read through the laws and understand what clauses might have a conflict of interest and straighten them out before the whole procedure.

India has been a favorite country for single parent surrogacy. It is legal in India since 2002, but there are some conditions to be fulfilled before getting the service.

Know detail about Single Parents Surrogacy Laws: Detail Surrogacy Laws by Country.

Pros and Cons to Single Parent Surrogacy

Like initially mentioned, surrogacy needs a lot of preparedness both physically and mentally. Therefore if you are intending to be a single father, it is important to know that it has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to familiarize with. Below is a list of pros and cons;

Pros of single father surrogacy

  • As a single father, you are able to have biological ties with your baby
  • The parent has more power and sound unlike in the adoption process
  • Helps you build a family even without a partner
  • Creates a meaningful relationship between the surrogate and the father
  • This step will help you to win over your atychiphobia.

Cons of Single Father Surrogacy

  • Surrogacy is expensive and as a single father, it might be hard to raise the money required for all the procedures
  • Sometimes you are forced to work with surrogates outside your country since it is expensive and sometimes the laws might restrict you to some countries too
  • Stigma from friends and even families. Like earlier on mentioned, single father surrogacy is a new process of family building. There are still some reservations about it as it is yet to be accepted worldwide
  • At some point, the children might want to see their biological mother or wonder why they only have a dad.


Celebrity Single Fathers :


The trend of Single Father Surrogacy is well accepted by celebrities, especially from the entertainment business. To name a few,

  • Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Ricky Martin
  • Usher
  • Colin Farrell
  • Johnny Depp
  • Liam Neeson
  • Prince Charles
  • Al Pacino
  • Karan Johar

All of them have not tried surrogacy. Some have become a single father after the divorce, some have adopted a child. This list is just to inform you how single fatherhood is getting popular.


Single_Father_Surrogacy_quoteSingle father like any other family building method faces same shifts of joy and pain. There is no exception whatsoever in raising a child as a single father or in a heterosexual relationship.

The expectation is equally the same and you are at an advantage as you will be the only parent your child will look up to.

It might get lonely on the way but then you have your child whom you will love and it will be your source of strength.

It is actually recommendable that you want to raise your child alone. It indeed shows strength and resilience since raising a baby is quite a task but worth all the sweat and tears.


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