Top 10 Traveling Trends for 2019 – A Paradigm Breaking Overview 


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. — American jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Tourism and leisure industry welcomes people for adventurous trips to exotic places.  Cloudy sky, nonchalant ocean, and dark night covering gigantic hilltops must be mysterious. But, that’s not enough anymore!

Traveling trends have evolved a lot in the last couple of years.


Top 10 Traveling Trends for 2019


In 2019, new self-discovery travel trends beckon explorers and romantic lovers to make awe-inspiring global tours enjoyable.

Top 10 traveling trends for 2019 must impress Generation Z and New Millennials to start unbelievable journeys for seeing the unseen.



Multi-generation Tour


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People are sociable. They like to spend time with their dearest relatives.

Due to the generation gap, many immigrants and oldies regret because of isolation from the mainstream of families. So, this nostalgic feel entices them to meet one another at special events.

Well, multi-generation vacation tour is extremely unique. It creates an everlasting bond of love, camaraderie, and unity.

City pent dwellers who have to relocate in metro cities for earning livelihood must be desirous of hobnobbing with family members. Especially, aged great grand-mother is found hilarious and delighted to see her teenage grandson after long hiatus.

This classic encounter must be fresh and powerful to boost up a human relationship. Therefore, for the next long weekend tour, choose the best destinations for a multi-generation trip in this awesome year.

Your kids will escort oldies to visit snorkeling spots. Juvenile pranks must be exciting to heat up senior grand-parents. They will join this outdoor sporting event.

For example, right now, Aruba, St. Lucia, Jackson Hole located in Wyoming and Malta must have inspirational glossy aesthete with hidden thrill hovering in corners of sky kissing mountain belts.

Scuba diving, water sport, canoeing, and water skiing will wipe out deep languor to rejuvenate souls of yours.

Multi-generation vacation trend must lure young adolescent communities and evergreen geriatric class.


Voluntourism – New Travel Trend for 2019


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A host of Hollywood celebrities and cute actresses of The Guiding Light were not invited for having million dollar worth prizes for their unforgettable acting.

In New Orleans, these high profile movie stars gathered to detoxify the city. It is a compact teamwork for environment cleansing for people.

They forgot their social status and media exposure. These elegant volunteers were busy in decorating hotel rooms, rinsing room floors,  shifting wastage materials and doing animal care for the beautification of Orleans.

Same way, imagine that you are a strong supporter with a resolution to help citizens for upgrading lifestyles.

Voluntourism trend will motivate college goers, employees, philanthropists, and popular artists to renew the ambiance for rehabilitating destitute.  The world will be green.

This philanthropic venture to New Orleans rebuilds society ensuring solidarity, uniformity, and brotherhood.  Vision is transparent. It must restore love and integration among people irrespective of gender.


Culinary Trips


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43 percent of American travelers opt for top-notch tourist hotspots to change their taste buds by eating palatable food.

Foodies and connoisseurs make month-long stays in Dolomites (Italy), Sedona of Mexico, and Forbidden City in China for tasty dishes.

The mind-blowing aroma of chiles en nogada, coq au vin, and gnocchi recovers lost the energy of travelers.  While sauntering through avenues of grapes, one should need goblets of fresh Alto Adige liquid to inflame stomach for intoxicated charm and fun.



Mexican culinary fete must not be blurred.  Postcard size villages in the hilly regions at the feet of Tepoztian (Sedona of Mexico) enhance the rhythm in life. Adventure is extensively imprecise with eye-catching natural aesthete.

Take shelters in a luxurious villa and complete your dinner by taking Pescado a la Talla dish. Your trauma and exhaustion will disappear. The nocturnal expedition in Tepoztian must be remarkable because of marvelous regional mouth-watering culinary experience.


Unofficial Honeymoon Tours




Sweethearts who were married last year will take another chance to go for a delayed unofficial honeymoon trip.

2019 all-inclusive vacation package for them must include affordable informal tours to remote destinations.   After court marriage, newly-wed couples plan on going to the best spots for celebrating marriage.

Honeymoon specials must be gorgeous. However, unofficial honeymoon trend brings life to their intimate relationship.  Hire a small guest house for enjoying the night.

Local events will give you pleasure. Instead of spending lot of dollars, do para-gliding, water skiing and 2 hours long car drive for mood transformation.

Finally, don’t minimize your passion to have strong wine with your fiancé.


Spiritual Tourism




This New Year has something splendid for travelers who must have pre-designed ideas/plans.

Educated communities prefer sacred places to visit. Shrines, temples, and churches will be flooded by people who like deep meditation, Reiki and self-perfection.

Past regression therapy recycles holistic energy to them for wellness.  Yoga schools and Reiki institutes will train them to have a life force.

Take a break and enjoy a solo meditation tour. A bonus advantage is that it may help you to overcome your fear of failure.

So, maybe, tourists will book tickets to go to Malaysia, China, Japan, and India for spiritual upgrade and exploration.


Pop Culture Trip



Lead your life like a Hollywood celebrity!

Young teens have grown strange desires to emulate HBO and movie superstars.  They reformat their dresses and look.

Well, simultaneously, with the advent of 2019, travelers in Europe and America cross-check the list to pre-book hotels in Dubrovnik of Croatia.  Game of Thrones, masterpiece, was shot at Dubrovnik.

Therefore adrenalin rush is being palpable with the increase in the flow of visitors to spend holidays in Croatia.

On the other hand, admirers of the Crown and Sherlock are packing up to leave for London. So, movies, television shows, and online video streaming will have a powerful impact on young tourists to opt for movie shooting places.

Undoubtedly, this one is the top travel trend for millennials and Gen Z.


Be a Local Traveler 


Nowadays, concepts about leisure and tourism have changed.

People don’t wait for the week-long trip. Instead, they are utilizing weekends to reset the short term vacation program.

They don’t book deluxe seats for traveling by air. Simply, these travelers will travel by train or buses to reach good destinations.

They will eat local food and purchase cheap products. This habit among economical employees and students must be prominent in the upcoming months.

Traveling like a local is the best way to indulge in the local culture, to have the best local homemade food and that too cutting the smallest hole in your pocket!


The trend for Backcountry Travel

World Travel Agency has felt pulses of middle-aged travelers. Its survey report claims that travelers want a temporary escape from din and bustle of smoky towns/cities.



Remote backcountries are now being remodeled to invite outsiders. Luxurious vacation in remote regions enchants busy people.

So, West Sumba Regency, one of the beautiful remote destinations for visitors, will be sandwiched and grilled by escapists. Resorts and small guest houses in West Sumba are given paintwork to receive tourists.


Group Traveling




Loneliness is a disease. It crashes body and mind of a person.  People need to live in communities.

Therefore, people also prioritize friendship without putting emphasis on the type of destination and quality of accommodation.

A group of 10 friends with their sweethearts will be seen booking beachfront cafeteria for merrymaking.  These nomads will be locked in the warmth of compassion, and intimacy.

That’s why the travel packages will offer more promo codes to tempt customers to have bundles of attractive benefits to cut traveling expenses.


Stereotype dull routine life will be thrown back. NextGen teens are matured with modernized mindsets to discover the world in a new way.

There are so many good AR based apps for travel that can enhance your experience.

2019 will energize them to delve into an unknown world to have something unexplored and extraordinary. It will be a lesson for a newbie to go back to nature for refreshment, clarity, adventure and of course self-identification.


Hope you liked our list of top 10 traveling trends. 2019 will be a milestone of renaissance to restructure life pattern of nouveau riche society.



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