No Match on Tinder ? 3 Proven Tips For You | Updated 2019

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About six months ago, one of my colleagues at the office was found buttoned up for a  few days.

After much conversation and inquiry, we came to know that he had been suffering from severe depression those days.

And the reason was he found no match on Tinder as per his expectation.

He was not alone. Things are not that easy in Tinder.

But, we will guide you with 3 pro tips to more right sweep. Let’s start.



No match on Tinder ?


As we all know that, Tinder is a contemporary dating app, through which guys are desperate to attract female attention virtually.

But, in reality, many of them end up with great frustration like my colleague.


Statistics revealed that a man hardly gets 1-2 matches/day or even no match on Tinder every day. For an average Indian male, right swipes are not more than 2%.


Tinder makes it extremely easy for girls to reject a male quickly and most of them ultimately submerged into an intense depression after not getting matches on Tinder anymore.


Here is what fellow Redditors are discussing – 

I’m getting 0 matches on Tinder!? from dating



Some Tinder Facts And Statistics you must know


Human psychology had ever been a matter of great interest to me.

I, therefore, started searching the internet to find several fruitful means to solve the puzzle called no match on Tinder.

Eventually, I found these simple tweaks, which helped my colleague a lot. And finally, today he got married to a nice girl he met on Tinder, little more than a couple of months before.

I just returned from the wedding party. Both of them were looking very happy and satisfied.





Today, I decided to discuss with you all those tips and tricks, which will surely assist you to get rid of no match on Tinder, in all time to come.

But, before that, here are some interesting facts about the online dating industry.


     1. As per latest report, the online dating industry attracts $1.935 billion USD per annum. According to CNBC, the revenue earning is growing at a rate of 10% – 15% every year.

    2. As per, one of the five committed relationships begins online. In 17% marriage, the couple met on a dating site.

    3. According to, in the year 2014, the US online dating industry was worth $2.2billion, growing at a rate of 3.5% per year since 2008.

    4. As per, average amount spends by each customer of an online dating app is $243.

    5. Men lie most about their age, height, and income.

    6. Women lie most about their age, weight and physical build.

    7. Unsuccessful Tinder experience is a result of low self-esteem and fear of failure.


Tips for a better Tinder Match





1. Choosing a set of good pictures


Using Tinder is not as high-tech as using an AR glass or Artificial Intelligence. But if there are no matches on Tinder after a week, its time to rethink about your profile pictures. 

In Tinder, a girl can reject your face in no more than a Nano-second because next one like you is just a click away.

Therefore, I suggest that a fascinating picture with a good looking face and physical beauty, can bound her to spend some more time on your pic.

This will ultimately increase the chance to get more matches on Tinder. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to follow,





  • Always use good quality photos to make your profile more attractive.


  • In your main profile pic, you should look smart with a clearly visible natural face.


  • Always post your solo portraits with looking directly at the camera. According to the official team at Tinder, this increases your chance by 20% to get a right swipe.


  • Always use photos taken in bright light, you can edit the photo with various filters, but if the raw one is captured in low light, no filter can help you enhance it properly.


  • A photograph with your cute pet puppy proves you to be more friendly and likable.


  • A professionally taken headshot, as the main picture is important to get more potential matches.


  • Studies revealed that, women like men with beard and masculine physique. Men like women with larger eyes and lips.


  • Post your date-ready entire-body photograph. Do present yourself dressed up and looking best. You may use various filters to modify and enhance all your photographs.


  • Use photographs in which you present yourself with a positive body language as it makes you more attractive, and of course friendly.


  • A photograph with your smiling face is potential enough to present you as a friendly person which in terms increases the chance by 14% to get more swipes in the right direction.


  • Try using a new set of photos if you are not getting matches for a considerable period of time.


  •  Ask your friends to choose a set of your photos in which you look best.


  •  If you regularly go to the gym and have an exceptionally good physique, go for a shirtless picture as the main profile photo. But, do remember to keep the pic a little artistic.






  • Never use cheap webcams for shooting your profile picture.


  • Avoid high-resolution pics because they may highlight your skin imperfections also.


  • Don’t use grainy or blurry pictures.


  • Avoid posting pics taken using a mirror.


  • Do not use more than six pictures, because studies revealed that most probably it will turn many people off.


  • Never post your childhood photos. Only post your recent photos.


  • Never use a photo where you are a mugging or seen with a duck face.


  • Avoid using photos where you are engaged in doing something goofy or looking slouch.


  • Never post your photo with children.


  • Do not use your cross arm or arm in the pocket.


  • Never use pictures in which you appear in a defensive or threatening pose.


  • Avoid using a pic wearing a hat because studies revealed that it decreases the chance of getting the right swipe by 15%. And wearing glasses photographs decreases the chance by 12%.


  • Do not use a group photo because it steals the focus from you alone. At the same time, it takes time to find you among others, which many visitors are not ready to spend for you.






2. Attractively written profile:


If you have not a single match on tinder, the problem lies in your written profile!

Your written profile plays a very important role to convey information about yourself.

An interesting and brief profile can keep her engaged in your profile for a few more seconds. It’s the only way to provide visitors a glimpse of your personality within an extremely short time.

Therefore, while crafting a written profile, do take care of the following Tinder Bio tips,




  • Choose a catchy tagline for your profile, which can attract the attention of a viewer instantly and can compel to read your entire profile.


  • The tagline must encompass all your qualities in a single sentence.


  • Provide correct details about yourself.


  • Always provide a full profile. Narrate in brief and use simple words. Write about your educational qualification, qualities, hobbies, interests etc.


  • Include some interesting or funny facts about yourself, but in a decent manner. It helps to present yourself as a friendly and fun-loving person.


  • Though Tinder allows you to write about you within 500 words, try to complete the topic between 100-300 words.


  • In your written profile, keep a good balance between confidence and modesty.


  • Let your friends review your text and make the necessary addition and alteration before you upload it.



  • Finally, rewrite your profile for one more time if the earlier one fails to catch potential matches in good quantity.






  • Avoid posting a huge or lengthy description as nobody would like to spend much time on a single profile.


  • Never provide wrong or misleading descriptions or information in your profile about you.


  • Avoid giving too many sexual references.


  • Do not skip any section while crafting your profile.


  • Never pass any negative statement on your profile at Tinder.


  • Do not boast of yourself or your achievements.


  • Never post any off-beat comment or view about any religion, race, ethnicity or politics.




3. Adjust settings at Tinder


A little tune-up in settings at Tinder can do a miracle to increase the visitor to your profile significantly which eventually maximizes the chance to get more right swipes.


Follow these incredible tweaks,


  • Search a greater geographical area than before. Just increase your search distance at Tinder to do so.


  • Wider the age range to get more matches on Tinder. You can comfortably go for an age range from (your age-7) to (your age+7).


  • You can buy Tinder boost service, that moves up your profile for half an hour at a time. According to the research team at Tinder, this act increases your profile visit by up to 10 times. It evidently enhances the chance to get upper hand pretty early. This service costs $3-5 at Tinder and free at Tinder plus.




Check the official Tinder Troubleshooting Page for any profile or setting related issues.


Hope, you have read the whole article on Tinder tips and tricks quite patiently. By following these few easy steps, I think that you can surely be able to hit the bull’s eye at Tinder. No more ‘No match on Tinder”. My best wishes to you all.


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