Net Worth of Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors | 2019 Update


There is no doubt that being a Bollywood movie fan, you would surely like to know more about your favorite stars.

You would surely love knowing how much your favorite Bollywood actor is earning.

Whether you love watching movies of Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan, you would sure like to know the income of your favorite Bollywood actor.

Who is the richest Bollywood actor in India? What is the net worth of your favorite star?

If these are also your questions, you need to check out stated below list of top richest actors of 2019.

So, let’s check out the net worth of the top 10 Bollywood actors.



1. Shahrukh Khan




Net Worth: $750 million

Latest Endorsements: Hyundai Motor India, Big Basket, Food Panda, Dish TV, TAGHeuer.


When it comes to creating a list of richest Bollywood actors in India, you aren’t supposed to ignore the name of King Khan i.e. Shahrukh.

Being a king of Bollywood industry, Shahrukh owns about $750 million. With an annual income of about $42 million, Shahrukh is considered among the top paying actors in B-town.

He runs a motion production company called Red Chillies Entertainment. He also owns an IPL team called Kolkata Knight Riders.

Apart from being the richest actor in Bollywood, Shahrukh is also on second top position when it comes to creating a list of top 10 richest Hollywood actors.


After Tom Cruise, Shahrukh Khan is considered as the richest actor in the world.


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2. Amitabh Bachchan




Net Worth: $400 million

Latest Endorsements: Lux, One plus India, Lloyd Electric, Ambassador to promote GST, Dettol India.


When it comes to creating a list of most successful Bollywood actors, Amitabh Bachchan should be positioned on the top.

He started his career as a lead actor in movie Saat Hindustani. His first blockbuster movie was Zanzeer.

He has portrayed different characters in more than 140 movies. He has been given different types of top awards from top authorities around the world.

So, what is the net worth of Amitabh Bachchan? Actually, he owns around 400 million dollars.

Even being the oldest actor in this list, he is the most active one on social media. Indian brand ambassador for One Plus, Amitabh is also known for updating his expensive laptops and other tech gadgets.


3. Salman Khan




Net Worth: $318 million

Latest Endorsements: Yatra, Thumbs Up, Revital, Suzuki, Dixcy, Relaxo.


When it comes to creating a list of the top 10 most popular Bollywood actors, Bhaijan should be placed on the top position.

He is known for his distinct roles. He is considered as the mass hero. Since he has great mass appeal, most of his movies usually cross the target of 100 crores easily.

The net worth of Salman Khan is $318 million. He earns money through movies, brand endorsement and other personal investments.

Apart from being the most popular Bollywood star, Salman Khan is also known for his huge charity. He runs a non-profit NGO called Being Human.


4. Amir Khan




Net Worth: $185 million

Latest Endorsements: Samsung, Datsun India, Vivo, China Hails.


Amir Khan is renowned as Mr. Perfectionist. Whatever type of movie he makes, he always tries to make it outstanding.

Whether it is about Lagaan movie or Satyamev Jayte program on television, he also does something innovative.

When it comes to knowing about the net worth of Amir Khan, he has secured the position of number 4 among top 10 Indian actors.

The net worth of Amir Khan is about $185 million. He generates most of the revenue through movies, product endorsements and private investments.


5. Akshay Kumar




Net Worth: $180 million

Latest Endorsements: Tata Motors, Road safety awareness campaign, PC Jewellers.


Akshay Kumar or Khiladi is known for his amazing acting skills, dance and martial arts performance.

He is among the top Bollywood actors who made themselves without a God Father in the industry.

The net worth of Akshay Kumar is $180 million. Most of the parts of his total earnings come out from movies, brand endorsement and other personal investments.


6. Saif Ali Khan




Net Worth: $140 million

Latest Endorsements: Carlsberg India, Airbnb, Airtel, Ponds.


Nawab has his own wealth from legacy. And, for last 15 years, he has established his career in Hindi Movie industries too.

Currently, the net worth of Saif Ali Khan is about 140 million USD. However, he has a great legacy of wealth, but still, he has made a great fortune working as an actor in Bollywood movies.

Saif Ali Khan is among the top Bollywood actors who can easily fit into any sort of role. Whether it is about playing a lead role or becoming a villain, he always gives his best.

However, he couldn’t make great success during his initial career, but later during the 2000s, he became very popular among contemporary movie lovers in India.


7. Dharmendra




Net Worth: $70 million


After Amitabh Bachchan, there is another veteran actor in the list of top 10 richest Bollywood actors in 2019.

Dharmendra has a fortune of about $70 million. The total net worth of Dharmendra i.e. $70 million can surprise anyone.

He has played different types of roles in the top blockbuster movies.

Whether it is about the role in Sholey movie or the latest release Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se, Dharmendra always does something unbelievable.

He earns big money working as an actor, endorsing brands and investing in his sound and recording studios.


8. Ranbir Kapoor




Net Worth: $66 million

Latest Endorsements: Flipkart, Asian Paints,


Among the new Gen actors, Ranbir Kapoor is the most grossing one.

However, he comes from a reputed family, which has greatly contributed to the Bollywood industry.

But whatever he is today just because of his hard work and dedication for acting. The total net worth of Ranbir Kapoor is 66 million dollars.

He earns most of the revenues through acting, brand endorsements, and other personal investments.


9. John Abraham




Net Worth: $55 million

Latest Endorsements: Flipkart, Asian Paints,

With a net worth of about 55 million USD, John Abraham has grabbed the position of number 9 in the wealthiest actors list.

He is a multi-talented model, actor, and producer. When it comes to creating a list of self-made successful film stars in Bollywood, John Abraham should be on top 3.


10. Hrithik Roshan




Net Worth: $45 million

Latest Endorsements: Cure Fit, Tata Tigor, iBall Slide.

With his first movie called Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Hrithik Roshan took the Bollywood by storm. He was predicted to be the most successful star in the future.

However, he couldn’t be able to become as much success as he should be, but still, he is considered among the top Bollywood stars of today.

With some top brand endorsements in his kitty, Hrithik Roshan has a net worth of about 45 million USD.


With this our list of top 10 richest actors in India completes.

Now, let’s see how the movies of these actors perform in 2019. This will determine both the fate of their career and portfolio.


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