How Does Music Affect Your Mood ? 8 Practical Explanations



Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent – Victor Hugo


Why national anthem is played before games in big tournaments?

Why freedom fighters used to chant songs?

Why music gives you goosebumps?

How does music affect your mood ?

Music is much more power than you can ever imagine. We will explore the philosophy further along with this article.


How Does Music Affect Your Mood ?



The beauty of music can only be expressed by those who have felt it. The art of listening to music is also an art, one needs to master.

Everybody loves to listen to the Music & Songs. We may find millennials listening to music while commuting to work while driving, even while studying.


Music is the cultural activity and an art form whose medium is sound organized in time.

The main purpose of music is to express and modulate emotions.

When you are happy, you are just hearing the sound and enjoying it, you hear the tempo & go into your fun mood. But when you are sad and you plug in those earphones, you don’t need anybody at that moment.

Music is your sole friend and that is the moment, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics, the emotion of the songwriter and the singer. That’s the beauty of music. It can be felt not expressed.


Some interesting facts about music


Listening to music is not multitasking. We have specific are in our brain for music.


The goosebumps we get when we listen to music, is mainly caused by the brain releasing dopamine while anticipating the peak moment of a song.


Your heartbeat changes to mimics the music you listen to.


Earworms – When a song stuck in your brain. Your ears listen to them repeatedly and subconsciously.


Music can cure Parkinson’s Disease. Music Therapy energized the network of Neurones.


Cows produce more milk while listening to music! – Here is the research source, if you don’t believe.




8 way to know how music influences our moods:


1. Connects with the deeper self


For some people, Music helps to connect with their deeper self while for some it is just for enjoyment.

Every listener has different perspectives over music. It also depends upon the situation of the particular listener.

The common elements of music are pitch, rhythm, and the sonic quality of texture and timbre.

Some may prefer Rock, some may go for Live Pop Show, Some people may love to plug in that headphone & listen to Sufi music to lighten up their mood.



Music plays a very vital role in our real life. According to the research conducted by psychologists, but wherein they expressed How Music affects your Mood.

For example, if you love hip-hop dance on the bright side you are more likely to get carried away at the moment. Researchers also suggested that hip-hop music lovers were least likely to support recycling or alternative source of energy.



2. Controlling emotions


Some studies also show listening music can boost your memory power, learning skills, and may either lighten up or may end up spoiling your mood.


The mood is the relatively long-lasting state of emotion.


Not only on grown adults, but Music also affects the mood of infants too. For example, Infants start dancing whenever they listen to some sound of music or they may start smiling or laughing by hearing a particular song or sound.

Music goes into the subconscious part of our brain, so choose your playlist accordingly.





3. Music and Peace


Mood includes different types like if you are sad, feeling negative, bad and hopeless so you are in bad mood on the other side if you are happy, cheerful, blissful enjoying so, you are in good mood.

In bad mood, you may not like cheerful and happy kind music, You may prefer to listen to sad songs and songs that you can relate to your current situation.

In a happy mood, you don’t like sad music. These terms show how we control, change the music perspective by our self. So music is a mind trick which is directly connected to our inner self and mood.

In some cases, we may not be able to control the music, the music may control us and change our mood instantly.


I love the way music inside a car makes you feel invisible; if you play the stereo at max volume, it’s almost like the other people can’t see into your vehicle. It tints your windows, somehow. – Chuck Klosterman


4. Managing Stress



Music is also good to reduce stress level. For example, whenever you feel stressful no matter from work, family, and relationships to reduce these stresses if we start listening music it will automatically overcome our stress.

It works as a good medicine to reduce the stress and be happy, Change your stressful mood in a free mood. Music also works as a motivator.

We all know some kind of music which are works as a motivator, for instance, Steve jobs motivational music for success, trance, and EDM.


5. Music Encourages Success


Whenever we feel hopeless because of our failures at that time we are obviously in bad mood and feel demotivated and criticize our self.

If we start listening to motivational music we will automatically feel energetic and encourage our self to do it again, that’s the art of music as a motivator.

It is the most important characteristics of how music affects our mood. Music also enhances our attention.


One Good thing about Music, when it hits you, you feel no pain – Bob Marley  


Do you ever hear a song that engages you so profoundly it takes holds of your mind full of attention?

By engaging our brain and attention in the right way, music is able to sustain, activate and improve our attention.

Music helps to recover from Atychiphobia – The fear of failure in your subconscious mind.


6. Increasing the consciousness level


According to some studies music also helps to improve consciousness level.

You may notice that whenever we listen to music and we are totally focused on it. Music indirectly increases our state of consciousness.

Hence, as some studies show, Music improves our focusing power. That’s why music helps to increase creativity because whenever we are focused on something it increases our creativity.

Listening to music releases Adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH), Prolactic, and human growth (HGH) hormone. These hormones reduce stress level and subsequently improve mindfulness.

Here is a good read about the co-relation between Music and Consciousness.


7. Music as meditation



We all know music affects our mood not only on happy, sad, and demotivated basis but also on the soul and heart basis.

Many a time, listeners have experienced that suddenly they feel only music is left and they are not present there. It is the hidden characteristic of music.

According to researches, some peoples apply music as a meditation. We all know meditation means knowing self.

Listening silent kind of music or meditative music helps to be in meditation. Whenever you feel the angry mood, you must try to listen silent kind of music you may also feel silent through listening music consciously.

Let me clear again, It’s not that music is a kind of meditation. Music provides an effect similar to meditation.


8. Mind listens to nature



Music is the art of listening. Some kind of music is related to our memory. Music also indicates our past memories through the listening.

On YouTube, you can check so many music videos related to increasing study concentration. These all things are about artificial music, the natural music very much affects our mood.

For instance, whenever we go to someplace we must observe the environment, The natural music means the music which is produced by nature or by the natural environment.

That’s why travelers have felt near enlightening experiences whenever they listened to the Sound of naturally flowing water, blowing wind & just sitting silently in the arms of nature. That’s why backcountry traveling has become one of the top travel and tourism trends.


You may observe whenever you go on some natural environment like lakes, hills, and forest etc. we feel very positive and enjoy the natural music of lakes, hills and birds sounds and which makes our mood in a silent, peaceful and happy state.

The study shows why peoples choose these places for enlighten purposes. Music not only just affects our mood, but it may also affect the way you feel and perhaps the way you live. I guess, now you are clear about how does music affect your mood ?


If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. – Albert Einstein


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