Compressed toilet paper tablets | Revolutionize your camping experience forever

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Are getting ready for a camping, hiking, backpacking or mountain biking? And as usual, you don’t have enough room left in your packing bag, for a full or partial roll of toilet tissue paper, then compressed toilet paper tablets might be the perfect solution to your problem.

This excellent product is nicely fabricated to revolutionize your outing experience forever!

But, many of us do not have a clear idea or don’t have adequate info regarding this innovative commodity.

Don’t worry, just sit back & continue reading.

Here we are going to explore all about this magic tissue that makes a perfect addition to one’s bug out bag or camping supplies.

Compressed_toilet_paper_tabletWhat is a compressed toilet paper tablet?

The compressed toilet paper tablet is a compact tissue cloth, made out of 100% pure cellulose, that expands in seconds and unrolls into a  9X9 inch or 22X24 cm durable towel when a splash of water is added to it.

The towel is large, substantial and may last for several days, subject to use. This useful product is a perfect companion for modern backpackers.


Check this video, how do toilet paper tablets works –

What is this tablet tissue made of?

The compressed toilet paper tablet is made from 100% natural viscose rayon, which is a fiber of regenerated cellulose. It is a β-D-glucose polymer having the empirical formula (C6H10O5)n.

Cellulose is structurally similar to cotton and is generally derived from various plants like Soy, Bamboo or Sugarcane.



Benefits of compressed toilet paper tablets over traditional tissue paper?




☼ Compressed safe tissue cloth comes without any added chemicals or any other ingredients like perfumes, preservatives or alcohol.

Therefore, it is just pure and simple, free of any fragrance & doesn’t irritate even a most sensitive skin.


☼ The compressed tissue paper tablet is incredibly compact and lightweight (3.5gm each).

It starts off about the diameter of a coin, but much thicker (nearly 7-8 mm) and expands into a practical cloth with just a tablespoon of water. It will surely amaze you.


☼ Hikers want things as light as possible and thus, these things may serve as a best friend for backpackers.

You can keep them in your purse, toiletries, emergency kit, panniers and even in your pocket.

So, henceforth, whenever & wherever you go for an outing, just forget to bring those huge, space-wasting toilet paper rolls, because a few awesome compressed towels serve the same job much efficiently.


Once expanded, these clothes are much stronger and more durable than traditional toilet papers.

Therefore, you can maneuver with it in different ways. Each towel is equivalent to more than 10 paper napkins.


☼ The compressed coin tissues are Hypoallergenic in nature, i.e, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction on the skin.


☼ They are amazingly soft, gentle and soothing enough to be used as a facial wipe.


☼ These dehydrated toilet papers are reusable, they can be rinsed and reused for several times. Wring it out and it dries up pretty quickly.


☼ These are pretty friendly to kids and pets, at your home or on the go.


☼ Compressed toilet paper tablets available in individually wrapped packs, which means, you end up using that one only which you touch, while the rest ones remain untouched.

Thus they are much cleaner than regular toilet paper, you used till now.


☼ Dehydrated toilet papers are made of pulp fiber (i.e, cellulose).

They are biodegradable in compost environment in less than 30 days, which makes them suitable for community green waste program, or even in your garden compost along with several another household organic waste.


☼ These instantly wet towel coin tissues are ready to use and these multi-purpose handy wipes have versatile uses at camping, kitchen, restaurants, sports, toilet, feminine hygiene etc.

What are the uses of compressed toilet paper tablets?




Though the toilet paper tablets are deliberately fabricated to meet one’s personal use, in reality, they excel at versatile tasks you need them for. They are actually much more than just a toilet paper & their utility can vary as per season, or reason.


* Compressed coin tissues serve great as a toilet paper. They are more convenient than carrying a traditional toilet paper roll around in the woods.


* These antibacterial wipes can be used as a non-sterile bandage to clean & disinfect wounds in case of emergency.


* They are just excellent to maintain female hygiene.


* As they are amazingly soft, they can be used for polish and they are great on glass and plate as there is no lint trail in it.


* Babies, who are having diaper rash & can’t even endure washed cotton cloth, this expanded ultra-soft towel is gentle and soothing enough for their sensitive skin also & serve them fine.


* Once the fun is faded, or once you reach home or office, it’s awesome to expand as a soft, facecloth-like wipe. Just add a tablespoon lukewarm water to soothe, some chilled water to refresh, or citrus juice to cut grease and dirt on your face.


* It can be used as a pre-filter for some degree in case of emergency.


* It can be used for starting a fire in the wilderness.


* These wonderful staffs are served out at a lot of restaurants in India, Korea, Japan, and London, as hand towels or face towels, before, during or after serving a meal. It’s  amazing for both customer and server alike.


* These amazing tablets work great as a small task cloth & just perfect for baby bags, fishing trips, camp trips, long weekend tours, picnic basket and much more.


Are there any restrictions on the use of toilet paper tablets?


» Do keep this item out of reach of children as they may confuse it to be a candy.


» Even in restaurants, waiters give customers immediate warning as they serve these tablets for them – “They are not mints. Please don’t eat them”. If you eat them, it’s obviously not going to be a good time.


» Always store them in a clean & dry place. Prolonged exposure to humidity might expand them slightly deteriorating their optimum efficiency.


» Don’t throw them in toilet pan or commode, as they might not make it through sewers and might clog flushing toilets very fast.


Where to buy toilet paper tablets?




If you are looking for compressed toilet paper tablets, just google with “towel tablets”.

There are numerous brands to choose from. They are fairly cheap enough  & you can buy 500 pieces of toilet paper tablets for less than $40.  Individually wrapped packs, as well as bulk packs, are available.

The coin tissues are marketed by several companies, all around the globe, with various names.

Some of the other names are compressed tissue paper, magic coin tissue, magic tablet tissue, coin tissue, tablet tissue, magic napkin, compressed towel, compressed coin tissue, pop-up towel, magic tablet napkin, pop-up wipes, Aqua coin, tablet tissue paper etc.


This awesome product is available with most online stores worldwide and even at departmental stores near your house.


Conclusion :

Thanks for staying with me throughout the article.

Hope, now you know much about these PopUp Towels, which is probably one of the best inventions of the last decade. They may be used for all manner of personal hygiene in the wilderness.

Compressed toilet paper tablet may not be as game-changing as Augmented reality glasses or spy paper. But this fabulous product possesses the breakthrough potential to enhance the camping experience of the modern outdoors man for all time to come.


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