Best Augmented Reality Glasses 2019


Before discussing on Best Augmented Reality Glasses, we need to understand how AR works. The word augmented stands for as enlarged or amplified. IT geniuses have left no stone upturned in familiarizing new technologies to the people. Science has blessed us with so many options that at times it’s beyond imagination. Augmented reality is among them, also abbreviated as AR.

Augmented reality is a technology used to overlap the content to the real world we see around. This can be in the form of an image, video or context.

Comparing augmented reality with virtual one we observe the huge difference, for instance in virtual reality user’s computer system is used to create an environment and the virtual reality is displayed on it. While in augmented reality it’s contrasting, as the system uses the same real environment to display the information.

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Augmented reality is available in the form of both hardware including handsets or glasses and software like mobile apps or games. Recently a renowned mobile company Apple Inc. used AR expertise in their phones by presenting AR kit in iOS 11. Customers’ needs to download AR app in order to get access to virtual reality feature.

AR is making its place among others in no time, it’s been used everywhere even on television. Suppose during any sport like cricket, augmented reality serves in displaying the score on the real screen.


AR further has the following five types:

  • Projection based which as the name suggests is the medium to display images in the actual world.
  • Location Based augmented reality is best when traveling, for the reason that the system uses GPS to analyze your current location and tell you the relevant data you’re looking for. Even places you should visit.
  • Recognition based AR as the name indicates use affiliate any password or scan in order to get access.
  • Superimposition based augmented reality helps to replace the whole or part of the object that requires highlighting.
  • Outlining augmented reality is the last one and most architects use it. It serves to make an outline of any object that needs to set up at a certain point.

How Augmented Reality Glasses works?


Now the most critical question arises i.e. how does augmented reality works? The answer is very simple, by augmented reality computer projects the captured image on the camera in such a manner that it is displayed on the user’s view of the real world. Like talk over above augmented glasses are one of the classes of AR.

In case of glasses, the following technology works as it displays the captured image on the viewer’s glasses, therefore overlapping the user’s view to the real world without changing the surroundings.

The stated crucial factor discriminate augmented reality from virtual reality.

The market these days offer plenty of options regarding augmented glasses. These special glasses have flourished by leaps and bounds to become an integral part of our lives. Besides capturing images and videos, the developed augmented glasses of recent times can do much more than that. For instance projecting 3D images, guidance during any activity, movies and the list goes on.


Best Augmented Reality glasses 2019:

IT researchers have made AR glasses useful but at the same time fashionable, hence they add to your style. So you can easily carry them with anything you wear. Stated below is the list of some best augmented glasses available for the consumers.


Microsoft Hololens:

As the name point to these glasses have built in the holographic system within, so can perform almost all varieties of tasks. With sensors and almost all the apps, these glasses are the perfect blend of virtual and augmented reality.

Microsoft Hololens have the captivity to project 3D images, thus helps in business in a way that you do not need to carry model or search for desired document file among a bundle of files. These remarkable glasses will do it all for you. The holographic system has all the capabilities windows 10 and their sharp sensor can even guide you the right path just by collecting information from the surroundings.

Other than the lost list of benefits it offers including hand gesture skill to close or change an app after using the only flaw Microsoft Hololens is its price, which is a bit on the higher flank. But in return, it can do wonders.


Cast AR:

These cool glasses are affordable and fun at the same time. Residing of two parts i.e. has One specs and other a surface to scan, these magical goggles have building cameras at the center which adjust according to the surrounding and projects 3D images of the augmented world.

One fundamental feature that helps it stand out among others is the stick, better known as a magic wand. The magic wand assists in direct communication with the augmented world. You can touch and even move things in the augmented world with the help of this wand.



Provided with the stylish design, solos are long familiar as cyclist’s best friend.

These glasses help cyclist during a race by displaying all the desired information like distance, direction, speed and heart rate. Solos are best for athletes since it guides them in every possible manner.

Top athletes of the world have already used solos during their specific competitions.


Meta 2:

Meta 2 offering advanced technology with high definition camera and 2560 x 1440 display. This beauty definitely deserves a spot on this list. Using numerous sensors these glasses offers a future where you can literally touch and move the 3D objects displayed through the camera!

As per survey Meta, 2 is one of the largest growing augmented glasses. They are among the top holographic goggles where you can touch and change the apps as they really exist. Another profit of see through Meta 2 glasses is that the user can connect to the people around as well as his augmented reality world.

The only con they have is that it only supports windows.


Vuzix blade 3000:

Vizix is a well-reminded company in the world of augmenting reality, providing smart and stylish glasses for long. Their latest release vizix blade 3000 will be releasing this year and has already managed to make up in the list.

Providing affordable price, high-resolution camera to capture images, touch pad, email and high-resolution display allows you to bring your AR world in reality. The glasses also offer a feature like voice command and YouTube so that you can enjoy videos anytime anywhere.

This fantastic blade 3000 will surely be a big hit as it hit the markets.

Lasted See Thru:

It masterminds came up with these marvelous glasses lasted See Thru, these are the first ever AR glasses without any camera.

This stunner has been designed in a manner that it does not require any camera, instead they locations stored and GPS does the job. This all in one package provides multiple features, such as connection with the phone, live information while you are performing any sports like paragliding or cycling, voice command, locations/ maps and perform all functions of the smart phone.

Its navigation feature aids in every possible manner.


Cinera VR headset:

Cinera VR headset is the favorite augmented reality equipment among the rest. The reason behind is the theater experience it offers for all the people love watching movies but are not very fond of cinema.

The first VR headset with wide screen and high-resolution display provide theater experience at home. 2560 x 1440 x 2 display and sound system makes u feel as if you’re in cinema. Cinera is Android 6 supportive and four times fine image.

The latest version of VR headset will be releasing coming November and is definitely in the list of all the movie lovers.


ODG R7 AR/R8 and R9:

ODG R7 AR offers transparent screen screening video at 37 degrees. The high caliber glasses possess ample of features such as Bluetooth, camera, 3D images and voice commands.

Consequently, R8 and R9 have distinguishing characteristic I.e. larger display. R8 feature 37-degree involving 3D video capture, while R9 have 40-degree display and their prices vary accordingly



The augmented glasses under discussion are useful while spying or any secret mission.

The key characteristic that makes Icis stand out among others in the list is its design. It looks like normal glasses you wear every day and no one can even imagine that this magical eye wear own so many qualities.

Icis has all the features you are looking for, starting with a hidden camera, a chargeable battery, the microphone can perform all the function of a smart phone just by a Bluetooth connection. Icis is the deal for all the secret missions and can be helpful if used properly.


Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses:

Last but not the least we have Epsom Moverio BT-300 smart glasses. Since the name signifies that these 2.5 ounces glasses as claimed to be the lightest augmented glasses in the world.

But, without compromising on quality the offer all the important features compulsory for all the augmented reality apps. Such as high definition HD display, quarks core processor, and 5-megapixel camera, these glasses are ideal for AR users.


These are all about my list of best augmented reality apps in 2019. Augmented Reality Apps and  these next gen products may sound high-tech to you, but these are the future. A very near future.

Therefore on a concluding note, science is giving a whole bunch of options with every passing day. The above article is just a try helping user choose the products that satisfies them.


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